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Biblical Womanhood Curriculum

Every year from grades 6 through 12, our students’ Bible courses will be complemented by our unique, signature courses in Biblical Womanhood. These courses will train students in applying the wisdom of God's Word to every area of their hearts, lives, relationships, and the world around them that they might live as faithful stewards of all that has been entrusted to them. 

In addition to the below tentative emphases, each course will incorporate weekly prayer, encouragement, and accountability in regard to personal discipleship plans (developed and maintained in cooperation with parents) as well as weekly group discussion of current events from a biblical perspective:

Spiritual Health (6th grade)- emphasizing the establishment of each student’s identity in Christ and the development of healthy habits in the spiritual disciplines

Physical Health (7th grade)- emphasizing basic health education, maintenance, and self-care, including the importance of proper hygiene, rest, nutrition, and exercise

Relational Health (8th grade)- emphasizing the biblical call to and practical provision for healthy family and peer relationships, conflict resolution, sexual purity, and matters of dating and marriage

Communications (9th grade)- emphasizing training for proficiency, clarity, and excellence in oral and written communication, including faithful use of media and technology for noble purposes

Worldview (10th grade)- emphasizing a basic biblical understanding of competing religious beliefs and opposing worldviews, including implications for evangelism and apologetics

Interpersonal Discipleship (11th grade)- emphasizing the sufficiency of Scripture for addressing personal and relational issues, including a biblical perspective of psychology/mental health

Life Skills (12th grade)- emphasizing the development of practical skills for managing one’s time, resources, and household, including exploring options and preparing for life after graduation


Core Subject Curriculum