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For 15 minutes at the start of each school day, all students, faculty, and staff will gather together as a community for a refreshing time of worship that we might focus our hearts on the Lord and prepare our minds to learn. We will sing a classic hymn or theologically-rich modern worship song together, hear a brief devotional meditation related to a weekly emphasis, pray for one another, and receive any necessary updates or announcements before heading to our first period classes.

Physical Education:

For 30 minutes each day, students in every grade level will participate in Physical Education. As with every course and program offered at Academy31, our Physical Education activities will be strategically coordinated to establish and maintain a community and culture in which students understand and embrace their identity in Christ, respect and encourage one other's varying gifts and abilities, and build each other up in the Lord. 

Through this program, we believe we can capture the physically, spiritually, and relationally beneficial and constructive aspects of athletics (rightly valuing physical fitness relative to spiritual fitness, establishing lifelong habits for proper stewardship of one's body, striving for continual growth and improvement, developing self-discipline, perseverance, and teamwork, etc.) without fostering and reinforcing the negative aspects of competitive sports (unhealthy comparison, pride, envy, self-focus, self-glory, obsession with appearance and performance, etc.).

Campus Service:

For 15 minutes as the end of each school day, all students will complete basic tasks to help keep our facilities neat and clean. These tasks will be assigned to students in groups and will rotate weekly. Not only will Campus Service allow the school to save money on custodial services that would otherwise increase tuition and fees, it will also allow students to gain proficiency in household management skills while building their character in the areas of gratitude, humility, servanthood, responsibility, and initiative.