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Bible Curriculum

Every year from grades 6 through 12, our students will benefit from a thorough and engaging sequence of Bible courses. These courses will be aimed at increasing our students’ understanding of, love for, and trust in God’s inspired, inerrant, authoritative, and sufficient Word, all that they might more faithfully mature in Christ, edify His body, and evangelize His world. Courses will be academic in nature but never divorced from the devotional meditation and faithful application of Scripture:

Survey of Biblical Narratives (6th grade)- Students will increase their familiarity with the narrative portions of Scripture and their understanding of how each of them fit together within God’s overarching redemptive plan.

Hermeneutics (7th grade)- Students will learn and practice simple, reliable methods for accurately studying individual passages of Scripture according to a literal, historical-grammatical interpretation that is faithful to context and authorial intent while guarding against erroneous conclusions and applications.

Bible I, II, III, & IV (8th-11th grades)- Students will study book by book through the entirety of the Bible. Each course will consist of a purposeful and cohesive combination of OT and NT books of various genres including study of historical and literary backgrounds, important themes, major events, key passages, and applications.

Theology (12th grade)- Students will synthesize all that they’ve learned through their middle and high school Bible courses to come to a thoroughly biblical understanding of foundational theological concepts. This course in particular will build students’ critical thinking skills and spiritual discernment.


Biblical Womanhood Curriculum