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Student Outcomes

At Academy31, we prayerfully labor together to see the following evidences of biblical womanhood in our graduates:


An unshakable faith in Christ as her Lord and Savior and a willing commitment to life-long discipleship and service through her local church

An increasing love for the Lord that serves as her chief motivation in life and is evident to everyone around her

A strong knowledge of Scripture that has produced internalized convictions and a demonstrated ability to apply God’s truth to every area of life in practical ways with wisdom and discernment

A passion for the lost and a confident ability to engage people from varying backgrounds in substantive gospel conversations

A clear, secure identity as a daughter of the King and an understanding of how to leverage her God-given gifts and abilities to further His kingdom with integrity and excellence

An enduring bond with her classmates as fellow sisters in Christ and a mature, biblically-informed approach to relationships with the opposite sex

A tender heart of love and kindness that recognizes and responds to the needs around her in humble, self-sacrificial service

A creativity and resourcefulness in identifying and solving problems both large and small

A readiness to thrive spiritually, physically, relationally, and vocationally wherever the Lord leads her in higher education, the workplace, family, church, and community life


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