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Name, Logo, Colors

Our Name:

“Academy” refers to the primary role of this ministry as an academic institution. We do not seek to replace the role of the family or of the church in the lives of our students, but rather to complement, support, and reinforce their efforts. We seek to offer a high-level, truth-based education that challenges each young woman intellectually as well as spiritually in the context of a believing, sanctifying community of mentors and peers. 

The number “31” is taken from Proverbs chapter 31, which contains in verses 10-31 perhaps the most often-referenced passage of Scripture addressing biblical womanhood. The woman described in this passage is an embodiment of the type of character and competence that we at Academy31 seek to instill in our students. As a redeemed daughter of the King, she excels in many aspects of wisdom and service to her community that apply to all women—whether young or old, married or single, in ancient times or modern. In her particular season and station of life as a wife and mother, she joyfully embraces the call to home and family within this broader framework of biblical womanhood. Though many in our culture and in the church may have misconceptions of this passage, Academy31 aims to understand and apply its virtues accurately, in light of the gospel, for the glory of God!


Our Logo:

Our logo pictures a strong oak tree with deep roots and lush, wide-reaching branches—all originating from an open Bible. This image is taken from a number of Scriptural metaphors (Ps 1; Is 61:1-4; Jer 17:5-8; Mt 13:23; Eph 3:14-20; Lk 6:43-45; Jn 15:1-6) emphasizing the following spiritual principles:

  • the strength, endurance, and fruitfulness that characterizes the lives of the righteous through every season and circumstance of life
  • the glorious splendor of believers’ salvation in Christ
  • the nature of the process of growth in progressive sanctification
  • the determinative connection between the inner and outer man, or our hearts and our actions
  • the absolute necessity of being deeply rooted in Scripture and continually abiding in Jesus as our source of life

All of these principles are foundational at Academy31.

Additionally, the oak tree acknowledges Raleigh, our home city and the “City of Oaks,” where we prayerfully seek to be a gospel witness to our community.


Our Colors:

Our primary colors are purple & gold-

Purple represents the royal identity imparted to us in Christ as daughters of the King. (1 Pet 2:9)

Gold represents the surpassing value of godly wisdom. (Prov 16:16)


Theme Verse & Motto

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