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Elective Curriculum

Every year from grades 6 through 12, our students will enjoy exposure to a strategic series of elective courses taught from a biblical perspective that will spark their interests, broaden their horizons, and lay an important foundation for how they will interact with the world as godly women.

Tentative elective course offerings are likely to include: 

Study Skills (6th grade)- Students will be equipped in the areas of organization, note taking, time management, studying, test taking, etc., including strategies for educational success and help for individual areas of weakness or struggle.

Creative Arts (7th grade)- Students will explore and express their creativity through various artistic disciplines including drawing, painting, sculpting, music, drama, etc., while considering how they might reflect the glory of their Creator in these ways.

Spanish I, II, III, & IV (8th-11th grades)- Students will receive four years of high-quality, interactive foreign language education with the goal of fluency, that they might serve the Lord more faithfully right here and now in their churches and community while expanding future career and ministry opportunities.

Service Internship (12th grade)- With input from her parents and teachers, each student will select a customized internship on and/or off campus that seeks to further develop and express her individual gifts and interests while preparing for her future after graduation.