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Fueling Our Mission

The Need & The Plan


This generation of girls faces more pressures at earlier ages than any we’ve seen before. They’ve been born into an environment of identity crisis, political chaos, confusion over gender and sexuality, and relentless exposure to disturbing images and messages on social media. Rates of anxiety, depression, and suicidal despair have reached alarming highs, and teenagers—many of them lost, hopeless, and disillusioned—are leaving churches by the masses as they enter adulthood. Because our culture long ago abandoned a settled belief in a Creator God and an objective standard of truth, the solutions it offers only compound and perpetuate these destructive trends for young women.

This is a generation of girls that is in desperate need of the wisdom that is only found in God and His Word! Christian parents are acutely aware of this need and are searching for educational options for their daughters that will provide a safe place for them to learn and grow as redeemed daughters of the King. For this reason, Academy31 is being established as an all-female private Christian middle and high school in Raleigh, NC that seeks to serve families all across the Triangle region by providing a high-quality, truth-based education in the context of a dedicated biblical discipleship community of mentors and peers with a maximum class size of 15. By partnering strategically with parents and local churches, we exist to train up godly young women of character and competence in an environment that minimizes distractions and maximizes potential.

Every student at Academy31 will be encouraged to discover, develop, and express her own unique gifts and passions for God’s glory while forming enduring bonds with her sisters in Christ and learning to apply God’s wisdom to every area of life. By His grace, each of our graduates will enter the world confident and secure in her identity in Christ and optimally prepared to serve Him, His church, and His world in faithfulness and excellence through every season and station of her life.


Development Overview

The vision for Academy31 became a reality with our launch in August 2023 thanks to God's gracious provision through the generosity of His people!

The following three giving-driven steps (one met, one in process, one on the horizon) outline the goals which will continue to fuel our mission well into the future. They have been developed in accordance with the seven-year strategic plan and extensive, updated budget projections made by our Board of Directors as a result of a thorough process of prayer, planning, and consultation with leading experts in the nonprofit and Christian school sectors.


Step 1: Laying a Foundation for Our Launch (completed!)

$300K already given

These gifts have enabled us to reach the following goals:

  • Established Academy31 as a non-profit organization and secured 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status
  • Developed branding, launched website, and designed promotional materials
  • Benefitted from dozens of hours of training, coaching, and consulting services 
  • Completed Phase 1 renovations of our campus, including brand new entrance, lobby, two fully furnished classrooms, staff offices, faculty lounge, and upgraded restrooms
  • Hired three highly-qualified faculty/staff members
  • Enrolled our first two classes of 6th and 7th grade students for the 2023-24 academic year
  • Dedicated school to God’s glory with grateful acknowledgement of our Founding Partners
  • Began carrying out our mission to train up godly young women of character & competence!!!

Step 2: Building a Framework for Long-Term Sustainability (in process!)

$150K/year needed to supplement budget during growth years

These gifts will enable us to reach the following goals:

  • Assure parents and students that we have a fully-funded school
  • Add grade levels each year until we reach capacity as a middle and high school (grades 5-12)
  • Hire at least 11 additional highly-qualified faculty/staff members as our school grows
  • Complete Phase 2 renovations of our campus to include additional classrooms and multipurpose space
  • Reach self-sustainability through our tuition revenue
  • Offer benefits packages to faculty/staff members
  • Contribute to a reserve fund for emergencies
  • Begin realizing our vision of producing young women graduates who are optimally prepared to thrive as redeemed daughters of the King that they might maximally impact future generations, churches, & communities for God’s glory!!!

Step 3: Improving Accessibility for Maximum Community Impact

$200K/year designated for donor-funded scholarships

These gifts will enable us to reach the following goals:

  • Remove financial barriers for hard-working, committed Christian parents who desire to enroll their daughters
  • Provide opportunities for young women to be educated and discipled at Academy31 who otherwise could not afford it
  • Increase the socioeconomic and ethnic diversity of our student population to reflect the beauty of the body of Christ
  • Enrich the culture of our school with students from a variety of backgrounds and life experiences
  • Set an example of joyous fellowship and unity in Christ that impacts our community
  • Come to the aid of those in need in accordance with biblical principles to the glory of God
  • Defy elitist stereotypes of private education
  • Create profound, lasting partnerships between our donors and our students that further God's kingdom!!!


Now Enrolling!