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Core Subject Curriculum

Every year from grades 6 through 12, our students will be challenged to interact meaningfully with each of these fields of study, understanding its value to God’s creative and redemptive purposes for mankind, exploring and developing their own unique God-given interests and abilities, learning to think critically and biblically, and seeking to master theoretical concepts and practical skills for His glory through competent lifelong service that furthers His kingdom on this earth. 

Our young women will be exposed to and prepared for a broad range of vocational options including those in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Additionally, each core course will strategically incorporate technology, with every student having use of a school-issued laptop computer (included with tuition).

Core courses will meet twice weekly for an extended period of time on either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday which will allow for greater focus and depth of learning, as well as engagement in a wider variety of learning activities.

Though specific course offerings and sequencing will be determined by the Head of School in collaboration with core subject teachers as the school grows year by year, our approach to the four core subject areas at Academy31 can be summarized as follows:

English/Language Arts


The primary goal in decoding written language is to understand, study, and treasure God’s revealed Word through Scripture. The other aspect of most English and Language Arts classes, writing and speaking, fulfills the Great Commission given to followers of Christ in Matthew 28:19-20: “Go and make disciples of all nations.” Our students will investigate various types of literature in their English and Language Arts classes in middle and high school, including Newbery Award-winning novels, short stories and plays including Shakespeare, American and British literature, and folktales, myths, and stories from around the world. They will also be learning how to convey their thoughts concisely and accurately by studying grammar, spelling, handwriting, and complex vocabulary. Bringing all of these aspects together will be rigorous composition instruction, including informative and persuasive writing, along with creative writing that challenges them to use their God-given imaginations. By learning how to understand and discuss the written word and how to communicate the thoughts and ideas it contains, students at Academy31 will be motivated to mine literature for truth and error, come to love the Bible as the roadmap for Christian living, and spread the good news of the Gospel to anyone they encounter. 



No human being has ever created or invented anything new in the field of mathematics; we have only discovered and applied it. When we study math, we are actually studying the way God thinks. He has built into His creation an abstract, underlying structure that regulates the order, pattern, and function of the world in which we live. Studying this discipline from a biblically-informed perspective allows us to expand our capacity for awe and wonder at the infinite wisdom, perfect holiness, and true, constant, and trustworthy nature of our Creator (Rom 11:33-36). Furthermore, we increase our understanding of His creation and how to use it for His glory rather than our own. From general math all the way through calculus or advanced statistics, our students will be both challenged and encouraged to progress in competency at their own unique pace. They will be motivated by the understanding that math is not only relevant and useful, but necessary and invaluable to their everyday lives in the 21st century. The mathematical computation, focus, discipline, and practical problem solving skills that students will learn at Academy31 will prepare them to thrive in the technological age in which we are living with humble, reverent, worshipful hearts that honor and reflect their Creator.



As believers in the God of the bible, we believe that our God created this world out of nothing to display His power and glory, and our focus in studying science is grounded in the creation account found in Genesis 1-2. Because honest science does not cast doubt on the existence of God and the truth of His Word but rather helps prove them, the goal of studying science as creationists is not merely to expose and disprove the errors of evolution but to marvel at our divine Creator and the astonishing works of His mighty hands. We also recognize that our world is fallen and broken due to sin and does not function perfectly as it once did, but that it will one day be restored as the eternal dwelling place of our Creator, Redeemer, and King (Rom 8:18-23). As we await that day, we at Academy31 diligently strive to fulfill the command given to mankind in Genesis 1:28: to fill the earth and subdue it. We want to be good stewards of what God has given us by studying and using God’s creation only in ways that bring Him glory, not to satisfy our own curiosity or greed. As they progress through survey courses covering the physical, earth, and life sciences in middle school to more specialized courses in biology, chemistry, physics, and anatomy & physiology in high school, our students will enjoy exciting hands-on learning activities and experiments that complement each unit of study, foster collaboration, and stimulate their creativity. As a result, they will become increasingly knowledgeable and prepared to fulfill God’s purposes for His creation and engage in redemptive discussions about science and technology with unbelievers.

Social Studies


Our purpose in learning about historical events and civilizations is found in two passages of Scripture: first, Daniel 2:21 and second, Revelation 7:9. Daniel 2:21 discusses how God is the author of all of history and orchestrates the success or failure of earthly kingdoms. We want our students to understand God’s redemptive plan throughout the history of mankind. God will accomplish his purposes, protect his people, and reveal his power no matter what ruler or system of government is in control. We will also study the decisions made by sinful men and women to learn from their mistakes and examine how their worldview shaped their choices. Second of all, Revelation 7:9 reminds us that in heaven, every tribe, nation, and tongue will be gathered around the throne of God worshiping him. Students at Academy31 will be encouraged to think globally in all areas of study, but particularly in our studies of various cultures, world religions, and systems of government that will occur in these classes. These students will have the benefit of studying general tours of Ancient history and Middle Ages to Modern history in middle school and progressing to in-depth studies of American history, World history, government, and economics in high school. Our students will be led to discover God’s wise principles for the provision of the nation of Israel, his protection of Scripture and doctrine through early church history and the Reformation, and the brave men and women who lived for the glory of his kingdom through our missionary studies and current event focus–all integrated into our high-quality, standards-based social studies classes. Guided by living books and a focus on the narrative of history, students at Academy31 will be well-prepared to engage with the culture by pointing to God’s sovereignty throughout all of time.

Elective Curriculum

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