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Founding Partner Program

Founding Partners are the treasured brothers and sisters in Christ who believed and invested in the vision for Academy31 prior to its launch in 2023, and so doing, played an integral role in bringing that vision to fruition.

We are eternally grateful!


Founding Champions

Craig & Christine Stephenson

Tom & Mary Vande Guchte

Duane & Bernice Wilson


Founding Partners

Cliff & Anna Benson

Paul & Macon Newby

Kimberly Wilson


Founding Friends

James & Lauren Anthony

Mark & Sherry Fowler

Bill & Debbie Hebda

Tom & Sandra Henderson

Drew & Liza Howell

David & Deborah Kreyssig

Roger & Jennifer Morgan

Madeline Orr

Joseph & Ella Thompson

David & Anne York

Jane Zempel

Pete & Mary Zimmerman


Now Enrolling!