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Biblical Womanhood Fridays

Every year from grades 6 through 11, our students’ Bible, Core Subject, and Elective courses will be complemented by our Signature Courses in biblical womanhood which will meet every Friday. This unique program of study will train students in applying the wisdom of God's Word to every area of their hearts, lives, relationships, and the world around them, while learning from godly female role models of various ages and stages of life, diverse backgrounds and ethnicities, and wide-ranging interests, skills, and vocations. The goal is for our students to make profound connections between what they are learning in class and how it applies to real life in the real world. As a result, they will experience a marked increase in their motivation toward, appreciation for, and enjoyment of the education process.

The culmination of our Biblical Womanhood courses will be our senior year Capstone Internships. With input from her parents and teachers, each 12th grade student will select a customized internship on or off campus designed to further develop and express her individual gifts and passions while preparing for her future after graduation.

For students in grades 6 through 11, Friday's schedule will consist of three focused initiatives:

Biblical Womanhood Class

During first period, students will be refreshed and refined through a highly interactive, discussion-based class devoted to the below tentative areas of emphasis, as well as a focused time of prayer and team-building exercises with their classmates.


Health & Wholeness I (6th grade)- emphasizing principles and practices related to spiritual and physical health, beginning with the establishment of each student’s identity in Christ and extending to the development of healthy habits in the spiritual disciplines--such as personal Bible study, prayer, and involvement in her local church--as well as basic health education, maintenance, and self-care, including the importance of proper hygiene, rest, nutrition, and exercise.

Health & Wholeness II (7th grade)- continuing the prior year's emphasis on spiritual and physical health with a broader range of topics and greater depth of exploration.

Flourishing Relationships (8th grade)- emphasizing the biblical call to and provisions for healthy family and peer relationships, conflict resolution, sexual purity, and matters of dating and marriage.

Communications & Worldview (9th grade)- emphasizing training for proficiency, clarity, and excellence in oral and written communication, including faithful use of media and technology for noble purposes, as well as forming a basic biblical understanding of competing religious beliefs and opposing worldviews, including implications for evangelism and apologetics.

Interpersonal Discipleship (10th grade)- emphasizing the sufficiency of Scripture for addressing personal and relational struggles, including a biblical perspective of psychology/mental health and how the power of Christ enables people to change in practical, profound, and lasting ways.

Life & Leadership (11th grade)- emphasizing the motivation, attitudes, and actions that characterize godly leaders and influencers while modeling these to their school community and other peers, as well as exploring options and preparing for life after graduation.


Biblical Womanhood in the Community

During second period, students will enjoy an engaging personal testimony/presentation, live Q&A, and hands-on guided learning activity with a strategically chosen Guest Mentor. Each guest will give our young women an exciting glimpse of the myriad ways in which God is presently using female believers (and may desire to use them one day) to further His kingdom both locally and around the world.

Monthly Field Trips will incorporate an on-site visit to observe a guest mentor serving our community in a unique capacity and/or participation in a purposeful community service project.

Personal Discipleship Plans & Learning Lab

During third period, students will rotate meeting individually (at least every other week) with their faculty/staff mentor for a 1:1 time of prayer, encouragement, and counsel. These meetings will be guided by each student's Personal Discipleship Plan (PDP). PDPs will be developed and maintained in partnership with the student's parents and local church discipleship contact, and uniquely based on her individual strengths, challenges, and goals for the year. 

While other classmates are meeting with their mentors, students will take part in Learning Lab. They will benefit from brief, targeted lessons to improve their academic performance in areas such as organization, note taking, time management, studying, test taking, etc. They will also have valuable time to study and work on assignments for other courses while receiving help from tutors as needed for individual areas of weakness or struggle.


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